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BBA: Programme structure


A 21st century curriculum to help you excel as a global leader

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Our programme curriculum is benchmarked against the world's best universities, developing competitive graduates perfectly equipped for international business.

Curriculum summary

Our BBA programme aims to make you business-ready before you graduate. World-leading faculty from SP Jain Global and industry experts teach practical, industry-relevant courses, building your skills through simulations, live projects, seminars, industry-academic collaborations, and more.

  • A core-course focus in the initial term provides the foundation for more detailed and specialised learning as the programme progresses.
  • As you progress, specialisations in Marketing, Finance or Entrepreneurship build essential skills targeting your career.
  • Our unique employability training series helps you develop skills like Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Teamwork, Global Dexterity, Effective Communication, Innovation, Creativity and Agility.
  • A Capstone Project (Action Learning or Entrepreneurship) enables you to apply your academic knowledge in a real-world setting.
Curriculum Summary

Programme Structure

Students must earn 480 credits to fulfil the requirements of the 4-year BBA programme. Credits are a way of measuring the amount of academic work you complete as part of your degree programme. You gain credits for each module you complete. Each credit represents the successful completion of a module's learning outcomes and requirements. To learn more about credits and how they contribute to your degree, please click here.

Core subjects








Regional Immersion Projects




Action Learning /
Entrepreneurship Project







As a BBA student at SPJ London, you can expect a higher level of engagement with the curriculum, with 18 contact hours per week, compared to the average of 12 hours per week in UK business schools. Contact hours refer to the time you spend in face-to-face teaching sessions with our expert academic staff, giving you ample opportunities to deepen your understanding of the subjects, ask questions, and participate in lively discussions.

Specialisations aligned with your career goals

The right specialisation is essential to a BBA, targeting your learning to specific business sectors. You can specialise in one of the following areas:


Employing the most recent principles and practices in contemporary marketing, we give you hands-on experience in your desired field.


With a focus on the changing financial landscape in corporate settings, we teach you the skills to develop financial solutions for governments, corporations & high-net-worth individuals.


This specialisation fosters a strong entrepreneurial mindset, giving you the skills and knowledge to turn creative ideas into new companies or revenue streams.

Gain hands-on project experience


These are self-directed and help you to develop and maintain a professional portfolio through teamwork and communication with a designated mentor. During your project, you will identify suitable frameworks, models, and research approaches to address challenges within the contemporary global/regional business environment.


BBA learning culminates with a Capstone Project (either an Action Learning or Entrepreneurship Project), where your knowledge and skills are applied in a real-world setting.

The Action Learning Project option involves partnering with a company, applying your knowledge and skills to deliver a written report and presentation on a project, and solving a real-world problem for the company.

An Entrepreneurship Project applies the same skills set to solving a consumer problem or need, with a view to launching your own business.


SPJ London's applied-learning approach to assessment ensures you graduate with real-world skills. Continuous assessment through individual and group assignments, class participation, simulations, projects, and mid-term and end-term examinations, accurately quantifies your understanding and growth.

Learning gaps are easily identified by our expert faculty and quickly addressed by reinforcing knowledge and skills.


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