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BSc Management and Technology

Programme at a glance


Three-year, full-time programme


Completion of three GCE A-levels with a minimum of BBB or equivalent


London & Singapore


September 2024


£9,000 (per year)


Year 1 (2024): £17,500
Year 2 (2025): £18,000
Year 3 (2026): £18,500


OfS-registered UK degree

Ready for the Future

Ready for the Future

In a world where business and cutting-edge innovation are increasingly integrated, SPJ London’s three-year, full-time undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Management and Technology (BMT) programme equips students with a comprehensive understanding of how these core disciplines intersect, enabling a seamless transition to the modern workforce.

The Business Management and Technology Degree programme is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business management and the application of technology in various business contexts. The programme will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between business management principles and modern technologies and enable them to become fluent in both business and technology and how they integrate.

Ready for the Future

A truly global Bachelor's programme 

One global degree. Four international locations.

Here's what your BMT journey at SPJ London will look like:

Semester 1


Semester 2


Semester 3


Semester 4


Semester 5


Semester 6


Travel bursaries for UK students

We believe that travel can provide valuable opportunities, and we are committed to helping students make the most of their SPJ London experience. To assist with this, we will offer travel bursaries of £4,000 to applicants from the UK who study the semesters abroad. The bursary is intended to cover travel and living costs.

Work while Studying

Work while Studying

After completion of year 2 taught modules, students will engage in work-based learning via a 4-month (16 week) pass / fail internship. The internship will be done in London. This allows the student to gain first-hand experience within a real business environment to enhance their future employability. Students work on an agreed project relevant to their degree, with support from both a corporate and academic mentor. At the end of the internship students will submit a report which includes a critical reflection of their workplace experience and a final presentation.


The aim of the Business and Management Technology degree program is to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to navigate the dynamic intersection of business and technology. By fostering a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between these domains, the program cultivates the ability to drive innovation, growth, and success in diverse industries.


Students will:

Understand business and management issues from the perspective of a number of social science disciplines

Develop arguments on management issues in a logical manner

Understand issues of importance for global business and sustainability.

Communicate effectively in a written context

Display numeracy and quantitative skills including data analysis and interpretation

Use information technology (spreadsheets, word-processing and online databases) appropriately

Dr Kim Soin

Dean, SPJ London

Former Associate Dean - Postgraduate Research & Doctoral College, University of Exeter

“Our mission is to deliver an outstanding learning experience to our students with an innovative curriculum that reflects the intersection between business, management and technology, world-class faculty, a focus on applied learning as well as an understanding and crucial experience of the globalised world and local culture and practice. We’ve undertaken a huge commitment to learning and skill development as a continuous process and provide an eclectic classroom environment.”

Dr Kim Soin

Dean, SPJ London

Former Associate Dean - Postgraduate Research & Doctoral College, University of Exeter


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