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Student Support: Your academic journey and beyond


Student support: your academic journey and beyond


At SPJ London, we understand the pressures of student life. Juggling finances, deadlines and new experiences can be overwhelming – which is why our expert support offering, rolled out across all our campuses, is there when you need it.

Academic support

Academic support

Library facilities

SPJ London’s business-focused library contains e-books, databases and academic journals as well as a substantial print resource collection covering business, education, management and technology.

Online library access is via Blackboard Knowledge Portal, our learning management system, where course subjects are also accessed.

English language services

Our undergraduate programmes integrate compulsory Business English Writing and Business Oral Communications into the core curriculum, while English language support workshops are available for all postgraduate students.

SPJ London recognises that some learners require additional specific language support (identified during the admissions process) and will design additional English-language support measures for these students in collaboration with the School’s academic team.

Time management

To ensure students do not exceed absenteeism limits, course attendance is tracked biometrically via fingerprint scanning. Attendance is maintained in PeopleSoft, with students receiving notifications on their SPJ email ID (stating the date of absence) if they miss a class.

Financial aid and assistance


To encourage high-calibre applicants, SPJ London offers scholarships to selected students, based on a holistic review of a candidate’s profile.

Scholarship recipients must maintain a required CGPA and abide by SPJ’s Code of Conduct during the course of their program. Scholarship decisions are taken at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

To apply for a scholarship, students must tick the relevant box on the online application, outlining reasons they warrant financial assistance in their personal statement. Scholarship requests can also be sent by email.

More details on scholarships are available below:

Travel bursaries for UK students

We believe that travel can be a valuable experience, and we are committed to helping students make the most of their SPJ London experience. With our travel bursaries, students can travel to any one of the campuses of our exchange partner, SP Jain Global, broaden their cultural perspectives, develop new skills, and cultivate a global mindset.

Travel bursaries for undergraduate students: £8,000 (for two semesters abroad) / £4,000 (for one semester abroad)
Travel bursaries for postgraduate students: £4,000 (for one term abroad)

The bursary is intended to cover travel and living costs.

Funding your Studies

Student Finance for Undergraduates:

If you are studying an undergraduate course at SP Jain London School of Management, you may be able to borrow money to help pay for tuition fees and to help with your living costs.

Student loans provided by the UK Government are the main source of funding for Home undergraduate students. There are two main types of Government Student Loans:

  • a Tuition Fee Loan to cover the cost of your course
  • a Maintenance Loan to help pay for living costs

A Government Student Loan means you don’t have to pay your course tuition fees up front. You start repaying your Government Student Loan once you earn over a certain amount: The size of your monthly repayments will depend on how much you earn, not what you owe. You will be charged interest on the loan from the day you take it out and please be advised that the terms and conditions of your Government Student Loan can change.

Am I eligible for a Government Student Loan?

There is a handy Calculator on the Student Finance website which allows you to check your eligibility for a Government Student Loan.

Any queries about your eligibility for a Government Student Loan should be sent to the relevant funding body as appropriate. Staff at SP Jain London School of Management do not make decisions about eligibility for loans; the decision lies entirely with the funding body.

Information about eligibility and a step-by-guide to accessing Government Student Loans can be found via the Student Finance website.

Detailed information and guidance can also be found on the UCAS website.

Career Development

Our Purpose

Professional readiness programme

SPJ London takes pride in ensuring students are well-positioned for a successful career at the end of our postgraduate programmes. Our comprehensive Professional Readiness Programme (PRP) covers leadership and communication training, professional presentation, voice and body language, and job interview preparation. In addition, one-to-one sessions focus on individual career objectives, work experience, educational background and future career positioning

The programme also offers assistance for students who wish to change careers; training and educating them on their new primary industry of interest. The PRP’s focus on 'soft skills' has proven results in the form of successful job interviews and better adaptation to new work environments.

Multinational career services offices

Our Multinational Career Service teams play a vital role in helping postgraduate students achieve their career goals, introducing them to corporate centres, business leaders and entrepreneurs through guest lectures, industry visits and projects. In the final term of a course, our teams work with students to hone career strategies, identifying suitable roles/internship and companies for them to apply to.

Career Development

Safety and well-being

Safety and well-being

Counselling and psychological support

SPJ London offers access to off campus referrals.

Sexual assault and harassment support

Your safety and well-being are at the centre of SPJ London’s responses to sexual assault or harassment. Contact the Director of Student Services or the Registrar immediately if you have experienced sexual assault or harassment in any form. All complaints will be investigated promptly, fairly and confidentially.