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Engaged Learning Online (ELO)

A unique virtual learning platform, Engaged Learning Online (ELO) allows educators to make eye contact and conduct one-to-one conversations with up to 70 students in a setting similar to a physical classroom. ELO’s large-screen monitors, robotic tracking cameras, real-time polling and breakout rooms enable students to meaningfully connect and collaborate with peers and faculty on a global scale, in real-time.

Over 1,000 students from 25 countries have experienced this technology, with many of them citing the ability to learn on the go, ‘front-row-like classroom experience’ and ‘the flexibility to study through important life changes’ as some of the main benefits.

Born from a contest to invent the classroom of the future, our technology-driven Engaged Learning Classroom (ELC) builds practical, relevant skills in problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, creativity and business intelligence. Drawing upon concepts and ideas discussed in class, students use this unique digital ecosystem to showcase their ability to think and act as business leaders.

Engaged Learning Assistant (ELA)

An intelligent virtual tutor offering 24/7 academic support, our Engaged Learning Assistant (ELA) app offers an individual learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of course concepts, assisting with coursework and personalising learning pathways. ELA’s time-management software also helps students stay on track and improve scheduling skills.

Engaged Pre-Class Videos (EPVs)

Engaged Pre-class Videos (EPV) are interactive multimedia experiences designed to introduce forthcoming session topics. Comprehensively covering the foundational subject matter, EPVs leave classroom time free for discussions, debates and the meaningful exchange of ideas. In addition, they recap material from previous lessons, offering students the additional layer of support required for a seamless learning experience.

Blockchain-enabled degrees

Issued using the custom-smart contract on the blockchain platform Ethereum, SPJ London’s degree and professional certification enable prospective employers and other relevant bodies to instantly validate a student’s qualifications.

Unique among business schools, automated blockchain validation allows direct verification of a student’s credentials with no technical know-how required from the end user. It also allows users to view student projects, link a student’s portfolio, transcript and other documents, track certificate verification/use and control revocation list without contacting the institution directly.