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BBA Bachelor of Business Administration

Programme at a glance


Four-year, full-time programme


Completion of three GCE A-levels with a minimum of BBB or equivalent




September 2024
January 2025


London, Singapore, Dubai & Sydney


£9,000 (per year)


Year 1 (2024): £17,500
Year 2 (2025): £18,000
Year 3 (2026): £18,500
Year 4 (2027): £19,000


OfS-registered UK degree

Equip yourself to succeed in global business

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 4-year full-time undergraduate program that aims to craft graduates with well-developed business insights, critical thinking skills, and effective decision-making abilities. The programme includes general business courses and offers specialisations in marketing, finance and entrepreneurship. 

The program is located in London with opportunities for exchange and global study experiences at the Singapore, Dubai and Sydney campuses of our sister school, SP Jain Global. This multi-city aspect of the programme is designed to expose students to diverse cultures and expand their knowledge of international business practices. It also provides an opportunity for students to develop a global network of contacts, which is essential for success in the modern business world. 

*SPJ London students will have exchange opportunities through global study experiences at the Singapore, Dubai and Sydney campuses of its sister school, SP Jain Global. 

Equip yourself to succeed in global business

A truly global Bachelor's programme 

One global degree. Four international locations.

Here's what your BBA journey at SPJ London will look like:

Semester 1


Semester 2


Optional Internship

Semester 3


Semester 4


Optional Internship

Semester 5


Semester 6


Optional Internship

Semester 7


Semester 8


You can also complete all semesters in London. Students have a choice of up to two semesters in either Singapore, Dubai or Sydney. The programme structure and quality remain the same across all locations.

Travel bursaries for UK students

We believe that travel can provide valuable opportunities, and we are committed to helping students make the most of their SPJ London experience. To assist with this, we will offer travel bursaries of £8,000 to applicants from the UK who study two semesters abroad and £4,000 to applicants from the UK who study one semester abroad. The bursary is intended to cover travel and living costs.

Career benefits

Earn an internationally-reputed degree, studying in four of the world's top business capitals

Develop important business skills through simulations, live projects, seminars, industry-academic collaborations, and more

Choose a specialisation aligned with your interests and goals for maximum career impact

Learn how business is done internationally and position yourself as a global leader

Interact with industry experts and grow your global professional network

Gain real experience of global business through summer-break internships

Benefit from personalised, region-specific career support across our global campus network

Enhance your employability through one-to-one guided interviews, career readiness training and personal development programmes

Our Cutting-edge Curriculum

Our cutting-edge curriculum

SPJ London’s curriculum is benchmarked against the world’s best universities.

  • Core components will provide you with a strong foundation in business and management.

  • Specialisations in Marketing, Finance or Entrepreneurship target the skills and knowledge needed in specific business sectors.

  • Additional modules develop essential skills like Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Global Dexterity, Innovation, Creativity and Agility.

  • Targeted Capstone Projects ensure that everything you learn is put into action in a real-world setting.

Dr Kim Soin

Dean, SPJ London

Former Associate Dean - Postgraduate Research & Doctoral College, University of Exeter

“Our mission is to deliver an outstanding learning experience to our students with an innovative curriculum that reflects the intersection between business, management and technology, world-class faculty, a focus on applied learning as well as an understanding and crucial experience of the globalised world and local culture and practice. We’ve undertaken a huge commitment to learning and skill development as a continuous process and provide an eclectic classroom environment.”

Dr Kim Soin

Dean, SPJ London

Former Associate Dean - Postgraduate Research & Doctoral College, University of Exeter

Programme eligibility

We are currently inviting applications for our September 2024 intake. To be eligible to apply, applicants must have completed a minimum of 12 years of schooling.

We assess applicants on several factors, including their academic achievements, interview performance and a holistic view of their profile.

An investment in your potential

Tuition fee for the September 2024 intake:

UK students
£9,000 (per year)

International students
Year 1 (2024): £17,500
Year 2 (2025): £18,000
Year 3 (2026): £18,500
Year 4 (2027): £19,000

An investment in your potential

Make 2024
a year of change

Take the first step towards your global career