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MSc Global Business: How We Teach

Industry-focused curriculum and world-class expertise

A learning experience with real-world impact

Our MSc Global Business programme combines technology, innovation and global business expertise, engaging and motivating students through impactful real-world learning experiences.

Global study experiences

Maximise your potential for success in today's global markets by studying in London, a world-leading financial capital, and Dubai, a global metropolis and home to the campus of our sister school, SP Jain Global. Gain a deep understanding of the rapidly changing global landscape and position yourself for exciting career opportunities worldwide. 

With proximity to major companies, you'll have unparalleled opportunities to network with business executives, pursue internships, conduct real-time projects, and explore full-time career opportunities on a global scale. Don't just learn about the world of business; become a part of it with SPJ London.

During your four-month internship, which may be done at any location, you will be coached by a corporate mentor and an academic mentor. This collaborative effort will ensure you receive personalised guidance and support throughout your internship, resulting in a high-quality work-integrated learning experience.


Multimedia business simulations

All businesses operate under high-risk, complex and unpredictable conditions. At SPJ London, as a future manager, you can prepare for this in our state-of-the-art Business Simulation Centres, practising and sharpening your decision-making skills in an innovative, risk-free environment.

Student boardrooms

Your teams will meet daily in Student Boardrooms (SBRs), using techniques we teach you (scientific methods, logical reasoning, critical thinking and decision-making) to discuss, analyse and present findings on your course material. SBRs are a core part of our teaching, and they hone teamwork and presentation skills that you can apply to any professional situation.


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