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Singapore Blog – A-Jay Francis


Hey, my name is A-Jay Francis, and I successfully completed my semester abroad in Singapore. To start with, I would like to say, WOW! What an experience that was. I want to express my utmost gratitude to SP Jain for giving me this opportunity. It was my first time leaving the country with full independence and accountability. SP Jain helped tremendously with financing this trip and fully supported me along the way. I have to give a shout-out to Simon and Tina, who supported me and the rest of the cohort throughout the journey—they were basically there with us.

So, SINGAPORE! What a beautiful place. I’ve never felt so safe in my whole life. I could leave the campus at any time of the night and feel very secure. I could even go to a coffee shop, leave my laptop there, and come back the next day to find it still there—that’s how safe it felt. I also want to mention how clean Singapore was. The streets, the beaches, the transport—everything was surreal.

Let’s get into the real purpose of the exchange and talk about the classroom environments and what to expect. Expect diverse classrooms with students from a range of backgrounds and religions, from Chinese to Indian to Peruvian. There are many different cultures and ways of living among your peers, and you get to experience and understand them firsthand. Everyone has a very interesting story to tell. From a teaching perspective, each teacher has their own individual way of teaching, unlike anything I have ever experienced. The one commonality is that their lessons are very interactive and engaging. Each lesson provides new knowledge that you wouldn’t have known before. The engaging nature of the classes keeps your brain active and on your toes. The teaching can get intense, with assignments that require serious thought to complete, but that’s the best way to learn.


Regarding the campus living situation, I personally had a great experience living on campus and benefited from it. I made many close connections that I still talk to now and networked with many other students. Everyone has a story and a vision, and some could even be your next business partner. I made use of the gym, the library, the global café, and the sports facilities that the campus had to offer. Also, Singapore’s campus goes above and beyond to help you experience all that Singapore has to offer. They set up global learning trips (taking you on paid trips to fun and educational scenes in Singapore) to many places, arrange tours, educational trips, networking events, and fun activities like bowling, island hopping, Universal Studios, and waterparks. The list goes on. I did many things myself and with friends because there is so much to see in Singapore. I really wanted to experience it all. I also travelled to Malaysia and Bali, which were just next door to Singapore when we had a break from teaching. Take advantage and explore while in Asia! That’s a whole different story. The food in Singapore was amazing. The hawker centres showcase the best of the best food, and I strongly recommend trying them.

AJ Francis

To sum up the whole experience, I would say to anyone planning to go to Singapore with SP Jain: get yourself out there, speak to as many people as you can, and immerse yourself in all the different cultures and backgrounds. I can now say I have friends from all walks of life around the world, and I hope to meet them again in Dubai. Get involved in lectures and pay attention because each lesson has real-life gems that can be applied to business and day-to-day life. The whole experience has strongly impacted who I am today through interactions, observations, business, and much more. I am very proud to say I did it with SP Jain London.



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