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Masters in Family Managed Business:
Tuition fees

A strategic career investment

*Scholarships available

*Scholarships available

Invest in a lifetime of growth


A Master's degree is a long-term, strategic investment in your career.

Tuition fee for the September 2024 intake:

Semester 1: £11,000

Semester 2: £16,000


Travel bursary

We believe that travel can provide valuable opportunities, and we are committed to helping students make the most of their SPJ London experience.
To assist with this, we will offer travel bursaries of £4,000 to applicants from the UK who opt to undertake a term at the Dubai campus of our exchange partner, SP Jain Global. The bursary is intended to cover travel and living costs.

Payment timeline

Last date for fee payment: (To be announced soon)

(Please note that any payment received after this date will be subject to an interest rate of 4% per annum.)


  • All airfares are to be borne by the students.
  • Fees are subject to change at the School’s discretion.
  • Failure to make the fee payment may result in the cancellation of admission.
  • Every student is required to have a personal laptop that meets the specification provided by the School. These specifications will be sent to students at the time of admission. Students are responsible for purchasing their own laptops. 

Masters in Family Managed Business Scholarships

We are committed to empowering and supporting outstanding students to achieve their full potential and excel in their academic pursuits and future career paths. That's why, we are thrilled to offer a range of scholarships to deserving candidates enrolling in our postgraduate programmes. Our scholarship guidelines are: 

  • Scholarships are granted through a comprehensive, candidate-specific review process.
  • Typically, scholarships cover only tuition fees. However, in exceptional circumstances, scholarships may also cover accommodation costs, but this is rare. 
  • Scholarships do not cover visa fees, insurance, course materials, living costs or incidental expenses.

Students who exceed our minimum entry requirements may be entitled to a scholarship. The amount of scholarship is determined by the applicant’s application, academic grades and admissions interview, and can be up to 80% of tuition.

Merit Scholarship Category A

To be eligible for scholarships in this category, students must demonstrate:

  • A first-class degree, high school academic achievement will also be considered
  • High entrance test scores: a minimum of 720 in GMAT and the 95th percentile in CAT/SPJAT
  • Other postgraduate/graduate qualifications or certificates
  • Outstanding achievements in social service, sports and extracurricular activities are also considered

Merit Scholarship Category B

To be eligible for scholarships in this category, students must showcase:

  • High aptitude test scores (minimum score range given below).
  • An outstanding interview performance. 


Entrance test Up to £4,000 Up to £10,000
CAT (percentile) 90-94 95 and above
GMAT (score) 670-700 710 and above
GRE (score) 325-328 329 and above
SPJAT (absolute score) 80-89 90 and above

Requirements to maintain scholarships

Scholarship students must abide by the SPJ London Student Code of Conduct and maintain a required level of performance (80% in assignments). Details will be set out in the offer letter.

Candidates from underrepresented countries or regions who we believe will make valuable contributions to the global learning experience at SPJ London. These scholarships are awarded based on a candidate’s academic performance and interview.

Applicants who have previously undertaken an award with SP Jain Global are eligible for a 10% scholarship.


Masters in Family Managed Business

Based On the Below Metrics
Undergraduate degree classification
Extra-curricular activities / work experience
Motivation / business acumen
Communication skills
Analytical abilities
Note: Scholarship can be taken as a tuition fee discount or maintenance support in cash installments
*All scholarships are up to our discretion.

How to apply for a scholarship

You must request to apply for a scholarship. The sooner an application is made, the greater the chance of receiving a scholarship.

To apply, tick the scholarship box on the online application and outline in your personal statement why you should be considered for financial assistance.

Scholarship requests can be sent by email to: enquiries@spjain.ac.uk


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