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The best decision you’ll make

The in-depth knowledge and skills you learn through the EMBA programme are designed to set you up for a lifetime of strategic decision-making and leadership. We welcome you to explore how the program's innovative online delivery can help you supercharge your career.

Seven reasons to choose the SP Jain London online EMBA Programme


1. You’ll be immersed in our unique online learning experience

We utilise our high-quality, state-of-the-art technology, Engaged Learning Online (ELO), to create an immersive classroom experience. Not only is ELO convenient and flexible, but its emphasis on real-time engagement is what sets it apart.

You will get the opportunity to connect with peers and faculty from different countries, collaborate on assignments, discuss and debate, participate in polls, quizzes, breakout sessions and more – just as you would in a conventional, face-to-face classroom. The ELO technology is designed to help you stay active and invested while enabling you to develop the confidence to take on future leadership challenges.

The ELO studios at our London campus are set up with a robotic tracking camera that allows the faculty to move freely, maintain eye contact with students, respond to their visual cues and moderate discussions, all in real-time. Faculty and students can engage in one-to-one discussion as if they were sitting side-by-side.

We have been recognised by the industry for our cutting-edge online learning technology:

‘New Age Institutions Providing Online Degree’ Award

- Education Innovation Awards 2022

‘Best Tech for Education’ Award

- India Digital Enabler Awards 2020

2. You can study from anywhere in the world

Working professionals often face hurdles balancing work and personal life with on-campus schedules, timetables and commute times. With our online EMBA you can keep up from anywhere in the world – at home, work, a café or even on the move. Simply log in and gain all the benefits of an on-campus education, with the freedom to travel abroad, or stay at home.


3. The programme adapts to your busy lifestyle

Our program has been designed to fit into your hectic schedule and critical responsibilities. The modular format of the program, as well as the flexibility to study online, ensures you can maintain a work-life balance along with your study schedule.

An added bonus of this format is that it offers you the flexibility to study through job transfers, relocation and other important personal and professional changes.


4. You can accelerate your career growth during and after the program

The programme focuses on developing future visionary leaders. We help you to develop and apply knowledge and skills that add real-time value to your career and organisation. The areas we cover in our curriculum are focused on building management skills and leadership qualities.

Course structure

5. You can make an immediate impact at work

The program is demanding but the curriculum is designed to complement your business knowledge and enable you to apply what you learn in class immediately. You will develop essential problem-solving, decision-making and leadership skills through programme assignments, your applied research project and multimedia business simulations.

How We Teach

6. You’ll work alongside an inspirational, diverse mix of students

As an EMBA student, you will be exposed to a powerful group of senior executives, entrepreneurs and high-calibre business professionals who will challenge, motivate and inspire you. The diversity of skills, business backgrounds and experiences creates a learning environment that will broaden your perspective and provide you with fresh, innovative ways of looking at business challenges.

7. You’ll have access to a world-class global faculty

The faculty members of the EMBA program at SPJ-L are chosen for their expertise, considerable real-world knowledge and business experience, and their ability to engage students. They have been educated at some of the world’s most reputable institutions (Carlson, Cranfield, JBIMS, LSE and Sussex, to name a few) and are among the best in their fields.


8. Take charge of your career

We understand that working professionals have different needs for career support. At SP Jain London School of Management, EMBA students benefit from the opportunity to participate in a unique Career Acceleration Pathway (CAP) that includes:

  • Individual career coaching sessions
  • Goal-setting exercises
  • One-on-one CV-enhancing sessions
  • Corporate interface sessions
  • Soft skill development workshops
  • Networking events
  • …and many more activities designed to support students in their career growth and soft skill development.

9. Participate in a Global Immersion Week in Dubai

Our Global Immersion Weeks offer you the opportunity to travel abroad with classmates, learn about a new culture and add a global dimension to your EMBA experience by spending a week in Dubai.

This customised, week-long trip is designed to immerse you in a new global market and business environment, leading to deeper cultural understanding, life-changing ideas and a global network that will benefit you both professionally and personally.

You will have the opportunity to learn from international experts and business leaders, experience new business practices, network with other SP Jain students, alumni and faculty, and cultivate the business expertise to lead globally.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. Yes, the two programs hold equal value on graduation.

A. Yes. Online Executive MBA programs are perfect for busy working professionals who wish to develop important business and leadership skills and advance their career without having to take a break from work and lose any of the career momentum they have already built.

A. An Executive MBA programme is designed for professionals who have significant work experience—generally in the range of 8-12 years—and want to continue working while studying.

While both EMBA and MBA programs cover the same core material, the principal difference is that the EMBA curriculum includes advanced courses that help managers make the leap to management. In addition to covering the basics of management, EMBA programmes impart managerial and advanced analytical skills and give students the ability to view business from varied perspectives.

MBA students, by comparison, have less work experience (typically three to six years). The programme curriculum focuses on business basics and include general courses in topics such as entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing and accounting.

EMBA students typically attend weekend or evening classes. Comparatively, full-time MBA programmes have full-day, intensive schedules, making it difficult to maintain a full-time job.

A. EMBA programmes are typically designed for mid-career professionals who want to move up the career ladder, change tracks within their career fields or switch careers entirely, or start their own business.

A. The EMBA programme at SP Jain London School of Management is 18 months long but can be completed within five years.