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SP Jain London School of Management has become the first Indian-origin business school to be granted the right to award UK degrees. In an interview with PagalGuy – a leading educational portal, Nitish Jain, Founder and President of SP Jain Group, highlighted the significance of this milestone and its benefits for the institution and students.

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In the article, Mr Jain stressed the importance of challenging the status quo, striving to become world-class and delivering exceptional quality to compete with top universities worldwide. He also emphasised the importance of resilience, adaptability, and focus as key principles for achieving success in a rapidly changing world.

Additionally, he discussed the impact of SPJ London's recognition on the reputation of India's higher education at the global level. The article highlights the potential for Indian institutions to be recognised for high-quality research and talent, leading to better job prospects for Indian students, even in the UK.

Thus, the article celebrates the milestone of SP Jain London School of Management and its commitment to delivering exceptional education while highlighting the broader implications for Indian higher education and global career aspirations.

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Note: SPJ London and SP Jain Global operate as separate legal entities within the SP Jain Group.