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Dr Oksana Gerwe

Brunel Business School, Brunel University London

LinkedIn Profile


  • Ph.D. and EMBA from IE Business School, IE University Madrid
  • Research exchange, London Business School


I am an expert in Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation with more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in the academia and in the industry. I have a strong track record of leading education and strategic direction in the business school setting. My research investigates competitive dynamics in the digital platform markets, disruptive innovation, the sharing economy and peer-to-peer business model.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation


  • Associate Head (Education and Innovation), Brunel Business School
  • Reader in Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • MBA Director, Brunel Business School
  • Gerwe, O. & Silva, R. (2023) Micro entry theory: Understanding the drivers and effects of the entry of micro players in the context of digital platforms. Journal of Management Studies (4*). Conditional acceptance.
  • Gerwe, O., Silva, R., & Castro, J. D. (2022). Entry of providers onto a sharing economy platform: macro-level factors and social interaction. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (4*)46(4), 833-856.
  • Gerwe, O., & Silva, R. (2022). Inquiry into Digital Peer-to-Peer Platforms. Chapter in Handbook of Research on Digital Strategy. Elgar Publishing
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  • Gerwe, O. (2021). The Covid-19 pandemic and the accommodation sharing sector: Effects and prospects for recovery. Technological Forecasting and Social Change (3*)167, p.120733.
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